FAQs – Scoliosis

The following broad range of questions you see below are a random selection of actual questions, which we have received from visitors to our website, when making enquiries about the Schroth Method of scoliosis exercise therapy, and the programs and classes we offer:

My 13 year old daughter was diagnosed with thoracic scoliosis (Cobb 37°) in January and will shortly be fitted for a brace, with the suggestion that she may in the future require surgery. We are interested to find out more about the Schroth method in order to improve outcomes and avoid surgery.

My son was diagnosed with a mild scoliosis this year, but I was informed due to his thin frame the scoliosis was more prominent, but I wouldn’t really need to worry. I decided to do another check

I am 24 years old and have a scoliosis it’s about 43°. Would the Schroth Method be helpful in my case? The side effects of my scoliosis are pain in my right shoulder and increasing pain in my lower back.

Is the exercise therapy program suitable when a patient has had spinal fusion surgery? My daughter has had surgery but also still has a curve in her lower back.

My 13 year old daughter’s curve has progressed to 26°. She is being fitted with a brace in a fortnight. My eldest daughter has congenital scoliosis and has had corrective surgery, I need to avoid this with my younger daughter.

I am a woman, 64 years old, whose scoliosis has continued to get worse. My curve has become more pronounced. I have lost two inches in height. I suffer with constant nagging back pain. I’ve had back pain for 10 years. I have an S shaped curve. Trying to find what treatment options are available.

My daughter and l both have scoliosis… we both know we need to start exercising sensibly to help our scoliosis and back pain. My daughter is scheduled for fusion surgery in…. Could we please find out more about the Schroth Method of scoliosis exercise therapy?

I am a 29 year old female with an ‘S’ curve. I have been mostly pain free my entire life … However, I would like to correct my curve. I believe my top curve is around 40 and lower is around 29 degrees.

I am a 70 year old woman suffering from adult degenerative scoliosis. I have lost 13 cm in height and am unable to stand or walk for long without pain… I have read about the Schroth Method and wondered if it would be helpful in my case.