There Is Something You Can Do About Scoliosis

The Schroth method is an exercise based treatment for scoliosis.
For adolescents and adults.

Dealing with scoliosis can feel overwhelming. You’d like to take positive steps, but you’re not sure what can be done. You’re looking for an experienced guide to help you identify the way forward.

We offer a supportive environment where you can  learn how to apply proven techniques in a personalised and sustainable way.

Early Stage Exercise Therapy

Schroth exercise therapy is effective early stage therapy for children and adolescents to try to slow or prevent curvature progression. Schroth exercise therapy can be performed independently or in conjunction with bracing.

Improves Quality of Life

Our program is an alternative non-invasive conservative treatment approach to better manage idiopathic scoliosis. It can improve health-related quality of life in childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

Builds Posture Awareness in Daily Life

Schroth Method therapeutic exercises are the catalyst for gaining postural awareness. This awareness helps facilitate and maintain postural correction during normal activities in your daily life.

Our Residential Program

Our six day and ten day residential schedules offer an opportunity to learn a therapeutic exercise program you can practise at home.

Home programs are customized for our patients based on their major idiopathic scoliosis curvature type

International and interstate patients and family members reside close to our Centre while participating in a this exciting and empowering program.

Early Stage Exercise
Improves Quality
Builds Posture Awareness
Our Residential Program

My daughter and I travelled from Brisbane to do a 3-day intensive program with Malcolm at the Scoliosis Therapy Centre…After 3 days, we left armed with information, photographs of us in the studio, and exercises tailored for us. Working at home, we have both found our personalised exercise programs keep us pain-free and flexible.


I have a moderate scoliosis, so I was interested in Malcolm’s approach to Pilates and scoliosis. Malcolm introduced me to the Schroth Method and devised a program for me consisting of Schroth Therapy exercises, including some adapted Pilates and Stretch Therapy exercises targeting my specific spinal abnormality and muscle imbalances. I have been attending twice weekly studio sessions for 4 years during which time there has been an increasing focus on the Schroth Therapy exercises; the results have been remarkable. My posture, muscle and core strength have improved dramatically, but most importantly, the discomfort and pain I was experiencing have disappeared.

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