Pilates on Pines

Class Rates

Hourly Class Rates

Class Rates as at 1 April 2017:

Pilates Classes

Pilates exercises are performed on a wide range of Pilates equipment and accessories which include: Reformers plus box and jump-board; Cadillac & Trapeze; Stability Chair, barrels and stability balls.

Two to Three clients working with an instructor:
Cost – $40 per client per class.

One client working with an instructor
Cost – $60 per class

Stretch Therapy Classes

Classes are purchased in advance as a package, and are for one allotted class per week, over a set number of consecutive weeks over a minimum period of 6 weeks.

All packages expire at the end of the period in which they are purchased.
Cost – $20 per client per class. $120 for 6 classes.

One on one Stretch Therapy classes available for rehabilitation and/or strength training.

One client working with Stretch Therapist
Cost – $60 per class

Scoliosis Therapy Classes

Cost – $50 per hour per client.

N.B. Scoliosis Exercise Therapy classes are usually of 1.5 to 2 hours duration.

Schroth Method Therapy Residential Program

Program Options:

12 hour program over 3 Days – $ 700
22 hour program over 6 days – $1400

Schroth Method Therapy Residential Programs include: initial assessment consultant; Schroth exercise therapy sessions; home exercise program; and training in activities in daily living.

Initial Consultation

Initial consultation – Pilates $60

Clients attending the studio for the first time for Pilates and/or Stretch Therapy are required to make an appointment for an initial one hour assessment consultation. New clients presenting with an existing medical condition or are intending to Pilates as rehabilitation after surgery, injury or illness will need to obtain a written medical clearance.

Assessment consultation – Scoliosis Therapy $120

Scoliosis clients need to provide medical history of their scoliosis together with current x-rays and radiological report(s). The x-rays together with photos taken during the assessment consultation assist in identifying the type of scoliosis in accordance with the Schroth classification.

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