My daughter and I travelled from Brisbane to do a 3-day intensive program with Malcolm at the Scoliosis Therapy Centre. We both have mild scoliosis, lower back pain and hip pain. I am 72 and my daughter is 42. Malcolm is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and generous with his time. He went out of his way to welcome us and introduce us to the beautiful area where he and his wife live. After 3 days, we left armed with information, photographs of us in the studio, and exercises tailored for us. Working at home, we have both found our personalised exercise programs keep us pain-free and flexible. Also, Malcolm is only an email or phone call away, and has been most helpful with questions that come up as we progress.

Wendy Dartnall

I have a moderate scoliosis, so I was interested in Malcolm’s approach to Pilates and scoliosis. Malcolm introduced me to the Schroth Method and devised a program for me consisting of Schroth Therapy exercises, including some adapted Pilates and Stretch Therapy exercises targeting my specific spinal abnormality and muscle imbalances. I have been attending twice weekly studio sessions for 4 years during which time there has been an increasing focus on the Schroth Therapy exercises; the results have been remarkable. My posture, muscle and core strength have improved dramatically, but most importantly, the discomfort and pain I was experiencing have disappeared.

Lynne Dimble

I have been coming to Malcolm at Pilates on Pines for 12 months and from the outset have enjoyed my studio sessions. Initially I came to try to overcome my back, shoulder and leg pain. Many visits to a chiropractor had only ever provided temporary pain relief, which lasted for a few days after each consultation. However, after only a few weeks of Pilates I began to feel stronger, and the shooting pain down my leg stopped.

Unfortunately, in June 2012, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Malcolm, however, encouraged me to continue exercising and was always positive and caring. I kept up the Pilates exercises post-surgery during chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment.  Although there were days when I felt tired I still did resistance band and stretching exercises. In continuing with Pilates I have been able to get through the treatments without losing muscle strength and tone, making my recovery a lot easier.

Pilates on Pines have helped me in so many ways and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Vicki Harris
Point Lonsdale

Our 2 years at Pilates on Pines has certainly helped us to enjoy an active life with more energy and reduced muscular pain. A combination of Pilates and Stretch Therapy exercises, together with excellent instructor supervision, has enabled us to increase our core muscle strength, mobility and flexibility, and improve our posture.

Ron & Winsome Vernieux

I have been a client of Pilates on Pines for four years, and I just can’t stop coming to my Pilates sessions. I have never felt healthier, stronger, or more in tune with my own body.
Malcolm’s commitment to Pilates, his clients, and the beautiful surroundings, all make my Pilates experience an exceptional one.
I have no hesitation in recommending Pilates on Pines to anyone. It is a caring, discrete and safe environment in which to exercise.

Libby Gumley,

Five years ago I was diagnosed with severe stress fractures in my upper spine due to advanced osteoporosis!
After a trial period of medication, this approach did not seem to help; instead, it made me very sick.I decided to give Pilates weight bearing exercises a   try in order to strengthen my ability to hold myself in balance and alignment. Three years down the track, I am still enjoying my twice weekly commitment to this project at Pilates on Pines, and making pleasing progress with my bone density scores.  Malcolm has been able to guide me to gain confidence in my body’s ability to support and heal itself through a varied programme of carefully chosen exercises. At age 70 now, I consider myself stronger and healthier than I have been for many years. Thank you.

Elizabeth Lee
Swan Bay

In January 2012 I started training at Pilates on Pines on a weekly basis.
I am delighted to report improvement in core strength, concentration on my technique for Competition Weightlifting and balance. I know Pilates keeps me injury free. Above all I love the challenge, variety of exercises and working with “Form & Grace”.

Elaine Janes
World Master Weightlifter
December 2012